Sunday, June 10, 2012

Top 10 Things I Loved Doing On The North Shore - Oahu

10.  Sharing Brandons birthday and our anniversaries at Olas
9.  Eating amazing dinners on our beautiful deck
8.  Watching MiVida remember how to surf again
7.  Trying to learn how to surf too
6.  Falling and getting up so many times - and boy was I sore the next few days!
5.  Paddle boarding whenever and wherever I got a chance!
4.  Buying our first gallery limited edition print and having the artist there to dedicate the painting
3.  Watching Samantha and Brandon exercising, playing very competitive card games, swimming and taking major snoozes like only the young can
2.  Enjoying fabulous sunsets at Wine Thirty in the Jacuzzi
1.  Sharing each and every vacation moment with MiVida
We are already counting the days until our next trip to the North Shore and we don't even have to think about a vacation schedule because WE'RE RETIRED!  ALOHA....