Monday, May 12, 2014

50 Years of Eternal Love but Less-than-Eternal Rings. Part 1 Gypsies!

50 Years of Eternal Love but Less-than-Eternal Rings

A wedding ring traditionally represents a circle of eternity – without beginning or end, and it has been used as a marriage symbol since the early Egyptians.  In the long courtship and marriage of Raymond and Sylvia, wedding rings were not eternal.  In fact in the beginning, they were an afterthought. 
Sylvia had waited and waited for Raymond to ask her to marry him.  She was certain that this was her destiny.   Raymond was much less certain.  He saw himself as a gypsy flamenco guitarist, traveling the world in search of the perfect falsetta – somehow marriage was just not in his plans.  However, between her persistence and his fear of losing her forever, Raymond finally changed his mind and sent a telegram inviting her to share his mailbox with the memorable words, “No hay musica sin ti”… The rest is history.
Since neither parents approved of the marriage, Sylvia boarded a Greyhound bus with $25, a corsage pinned on her best jacket and headed off to begin her new life.  At the last moment, Sylvia’s mother gave her the wedding ring that Sylvia’s dad had given her mom many years ago – in case Raymond didn’t have one for her.
Not only did Raymond not have a ring, he too had only $25, so ring shopping was obviously not their first priority.  In a simple ceremony at the Houston courthouse, they married and Raymond placed the ring on Sylvia’s finger.  It was a little big, so they found a tiny ring sizer to keep it on her finger.  Somehow between the time they married and left for Spain, the too-large ring finally fell off, and they could never find it.  They boarded a freighter for their new adventures in Europe just as Sylvia had begun her journey to Texas – full of anticipation and no ring.
After some time in Spain, Raymond decided that Sylvia really should have a ring.  At a rastro (or flea market), Raymond found a small gold decorated ring that Sylvia loved and wore proudly, but it later turned her finger green, and they worried about what the ring was actually made of.   When it was time to leave Spain and work in Norway, the young couple left Spain full of anticipation and no ring.

They settled into the cold unforgiving Norwegian climate and worked very hard for 1 and ½ years.  During that time, they made some extra money, and Raymond decided he would try again to buy Sylvia a ring.  This time they settled on a lovely Pewter ring they both loved. The ring was dainty and easy to wear, and it fit perfectly.  With the ring problem solved, they headed back to Spain.   However, this ring was not going to survive either.  One day, it just broke into two pieces.  Sylvia still has part of the ring, but it couldn’t be repaired.  The young couple returned to the United States and began their lives here – full of anticipation and no ring.

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