Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thankful for MIVida

Today seems like the perfect day and time to give thanks to my life partner, affectionately known as MiVida.    As I read through my blog, it may not be clear what an amazing partner I have.  I write about issues and problems, but I don’t think I spend enough time sharing just the joy of living with MiVida.  So for the ones listed below and others too numerous to mention, I give thanks for MiVida.
UNCONDITIONAL LOVE:  I’m not sure if everyone knows what it is like to be loved unconditionally – I can wake up and look like s*!*#, and he greets me with the same smile as when I am all dressed up and ready to go out.  Of course, both our eyesights are fading, but it has always been that way
GENEROUSITY:  I have been loved generously and I have known what it is like to live generously.  Even when we didn't have very much (and maybe in the future when we don’t) MiVida has always understood what’s important in life – education for all the children (even spread out on 10+ credit cards), trips together to remind us why we started all this together so long ago, great dinners at interesting places, opportunities to help others, gifts for family and friends – it’s always just been easy.  He isn't extravagant – he just gets it.  Money is only money.  It’s what you do with money that counts. He isn’t saving for tomorrow as much as he is investing in each and every day.
TRUE FRIEND: We just love doing things together.  We make everyday things more fun because we share them.  Maybe it’s just a walk on the beach, or maybe it’s taking the grandkids to eat, or maybe it’s just a quick errand.  He’s always up for the adventure, and he knows how to be really present.  Sometimes, he sees me hunched over the computer with a less than pleasant crease in my forehead, and he'll say – “OK, time to get out.”  His timing is perfect.
AMAZING DAD AND ABO:  No one could love their children and grandchildren more.  This man doesn't cry, but I have seen his tears when it involves a child or a grandchild.  He is never too busy to help, spend time, cook or just be there for them.  We have a family Sunday dinner almost every Sunday.  All of the children and their children are invited, and he makes amazing meals.  He still hasn't figured out that we are feeding less than 20, but everyone appreciates the leftovers.

So, is he perfect?  Of course not, he still tells me the news I’ve already read, repeats his stories, keeps the house too cold, and other things I’ll continue to blog about – but is he perfect for me?  OF COURSE.  I never knew more than 50 years ago that life could be so beautiful with MiVida.  He is.…My LIFE!

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