Sunday, January 13, 2013

Give / Get and My New Year’s Resolution

Does it count if you get the idea about your resolution on January 1st but never get it written until January 13th?  Well I hope so.  I can attribute the delay to old age, an over whelmingly busy life, procrastination…  feel free to choose all that apply!

Anyway, my New Year Resolution is to move from get to give!   Done!  Ummm, maybe I need to elaborate a little more.

I’m a Virgo, so get is such a great word.  In my more than 40 years in the work world, get helped me get organized, get information, get ready, get on with it, get over it, along with a few “get out of here, and get lost”
In my work world, get also worked for get recognition, get credit, and of course, get blamed.

Give  was part of that time too, especially in terms of mentoring and supporting amazing colleagues.  However, I think the more strident get was the operational word in my working world.

Now, give seems like the word I want to live in and live by.  I have the gift of time and choice – something I blog about ad naseum, but it just seems so strange and special to me after so many years ( Yes more than 40 years…Do I say that a lot?) where the clock was my slave and task master.  So now I have to remember to embrace the give – of my time, talents (although some may be diminishing – hopefully not too rapidly, and resources – yes including some $$$.   It’s not that I’m rolling in any of the three except for maybe time, and even that seems to be limited, After all, it took me 13 days to get this posted.   I have so many people to thank, so many opportunities to be grateful for, so many gifts I’ve received, it just seems like sharing should be my “modus operendi” from this day forward.  Check back with me next year, and we’ll see how I’m doing! 

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  1. I like it! but (wink) get real--you've always been a giver!